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Day: December 31, 2017

Some of The Disadvantages of IVA

So far, we have only talked about how IVA happens to be beneficial for a lot of people because it can save them from losing their property and going bankrupt. However, I must also mention that there are some minor inconveniences as well. The reason why most people don’t look at them, or don’t discuss them is because at the given time, they are so caught up in all the other details, it becomes a bit difficult for them. With that in mind, today, we are going to take a look at some of the disadvantages of IVA.

As always, the “can you get an IVA in Scotland?” question is looming. Yes, you can, but in Scotland, IVA is known as Protected Trust Deed, and the required unsecured debt is also lower, so it is easier for people to enter Protected Trust Deed. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, I am listing them down below.

It Will Negatively Affect The Credit Rating

If you enter into the IVA, keep in mind that your credit rating will have a negative effect. This negative effect will stay for at least a year after your IVA’s been completed. So, before you go ahead and take part in it, you must know about this.

IVA Does Not Cover All Debts

Another important thing that you need to understand about IVA is that it does not cover all the debts there are, and it also largely depends on the creditor to get into this agreement. As for the debts that are not covered, some of them include penalties, as well as fines that are imposed by the government. So it is really important to consider it all. If a creditor does not agree to IVA, there is not much a debtor can do.


Here is How You Can Contribute in Saving Our Precious Environment

Everyone is part of this world and we all affect the way other people live. In one way or another, we all are part of the big picture via the butterfly effect. From this same logic, we also play a role in saving other people, and even the entire world. A lot of people think that they are too little to make an impact or a difference in this world. However, that is not entirely true. If all of us thought that way, then it would be true. But if all of us didn’t, then it would make a huge impact.

Tissue Papers

Tissue papers are something that almost all of us use every day. A lot of it. And to make one ton of paper towels, about 17 trees need to be destroyed and twenty thousand gallons of water gets wasted. Imagine… you have the power the feed 40 thousand people! But I understand as well… you must be thinking, “But toilet papers are a necessary!” But that is not entirely true. At least not anymore.

Nano Towels

If you have heard of the nano towels before then you already know what I am talking about. Nano Towels are not just the perfect replacement for tissue papers but they are actually an improvement on it.

With nano towels, you not only save up on wasting tissue paper but you also save up on using cleaning chemicals and washing that down your drain.

Cleaning Chemicals

With the nano fiber technology of the nano towels, you no more have the need to use up chemicals to wipe your countertops or any dirty surfaces, you can just wipe it all off! So if you are interested, you can get more Nano Towels information here.