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Day: February 19, 2018

The Baja Jacket

There’s a lot of uniqueness that stems from Mexico and not all of it is in their food and their festive culture; there are a lot of great cultural take aways in the Mexican way of dressing as well. While most Mexican people dress like how pretty much anyone around the world dresses, there are some Mexican fashion trends that are just really hard to miss. The Baja jackets of the Mexican sweatshirts are definitely one of such fashion trends.

The unique thing about these jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts is how they’re basically shapeless. Yes, their form is basically formless and from afar it looks like you’re garbed in a rug of sorts but that’s precisely the reason why they’re so great. The dabbed cloth aesthetic of the Mexican sweatshirts make them very popular all over the world. Though there are producers in other parts of the world that make them as well, the best of the best are those that are made in Mexico.

Orizaba Original started when they realised how stylish these Baja Mexican sweatshirts were and so they decided to go across Mexico and get in touch with the best makers out there so they can offer you the best variety. You’ll find all kinds of designs and colours in these rug like sweat shirts that really make you stand out from a crowd – in a good way! These Mexican sweatshirts are loose, stylish and very comfortable to wear, making them a great and exotic dressing choice for people both in and out of Mexico. There’s no rule that tells you just how baggy your Baja Jacket or Hoodie should be so you can be as outgoing as you can with these and still look cool.