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Cloud Computing Solutions 101: Everything You Need to Know About It

At one point or another in our lives, almost all of us have come across the words like cloud computing, however, since it never concerned us we never bothered looking it up or trying to find the meaning of it and it is still somewhat foreign for us, at least the language. However, with all the different technological advances that are taking place, we have heard of cloud computing or clouds over and over again, makes them seem like they are a rising trend; almost as if the face of IT is now changing and the transition has already begin, so in order to make sure that you are familiarized with the concepts and the terms of cloud computation, we have gathered up some of the most useful information we could find on the topic so that you are able to easily grasp it and benefit from it.

Guru Solutions is one of those companies that is getting increasingly popular among the masses who require products and service related to clouds. With that out of the way, let us move on to the topic at hand i.e. everything you need to know about cloud computing solutions, check them out below.

Two Main Variants of The Cloud

The very first thing you need to know about clouds is that there are a total of two variants of the cloud and the services of computation. They go by the name of SaaS i.e. Software as a service and IaaS being Infrastructure as a Service. Both of them are a bit different from each other and the major distinction is that SaaS is a service in which the service provider hosts companies online affairs and they pay a per person a month charges.