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Do It Right

If you know your cigars, then you must also know about a certain part of lighting a cigar and that is the part where you must cut it first. Cigarettes consist of their own type of smoking where not only is it lighter than a cigar, but the smoke is also meant to be inhaled as such. You can also just about take out a cigarette and light it up with a paper match and still enjoy it to the best of its abilities. Cigars on the other hand are much more complicated when thought about technically.

A cigarette can be smoked immediately on the go, but as mentioned before, a cigar has to be cut and lighted in a certain way. Though there is some extra effort that comes with smoking a cigar, they are looked at in a much more sophisticated manner than a cigarette would be looked at. Cigarettes are the past time of the tough and rough whereas a cigar holds the image of a powerful and rich type of guy. Many impressionable people might pick up these habits in the hopes of attaining the image that is often associated with these two items.

Any good cigar worth its salt will have a closed head. This is the part that needs to be cut before lighting it up. There are a lot of ways to do this as well but the easiest and probably the most elegant is to simply use a cigar cutter and just like cutting a cigar, there are a lot of other things one should really keep in mind if they are smoking a cigar. Cigar Hunk for instance, has got a lot of information on it so check this out. Things like cutting, as well how to smoke it is all available there.