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Everything You Need to Know About Plantar Fasciitis

For people who do not know, plantar fasciitis is a disorder that can lead to pain and discomfort in the bottom of the feet as well as the heel. Another thing that is commonly known about this disease or disorder is that it most commonly occurs in that part of the population that has a habit of running on regular basis. The injury happens because of the inflammation of plantar fascia i.e. a muscle present in the body and the tendon that links your heels to your toes. There are multiple causes for this particular inflammation that may involve ill fitted shoes, worn out shoes, lower or higher arches or spending long periods of time on your feet and one other cause might be walking on sand for a longer period of time. Again, most of the causes are related to over exertion of feet muscles.

Prevention Tips

We will be talking about some of the tips that will help you in preventing plantar fasciitis from happening. The first thing that you need to do in order to prevent plantar fasciitis from happening to you is that you need to start doing relaxation exercises that let you relax the muscles in your lower legs specifically the toes and the lower calves, especially if you are walking or running around or even standing for that matter.

Instead of running on an elevated surface, it is best to stick to a flat surface and try to avoid hilly or slopes as much as possible. They are really bad if you already have a condition like this. In order to avoid this you should also try and get frequent foot massages done so that your muscles and tendons get the as much stimulation as they require.