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Lesson on Car’s Structure: Your Car’s GVM

Did you know that every car has a GVM? Do you know what GVM is? If you answered no to both of the questions then you seriously need to read this article as GVM is an important thing to know and every car owner should know it. GVM refers to the gross vehicle mass and it is not only limited to cars, vans, 4WDs etc. have their own specific GVM. The gross vehicle mass refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can handle and for car owners, it is necessary to know the GVM so that they do not add weight more than the GVM has allotted. If you do not know the GVM of your car then it is necessary that you get to know and there is a way that anyone can calculate it without any problem.

All you need to know is the main or basic weight of your vehicle and then you can add up any additional weight which is attached to the vehicle like cargo, passengers, fuel and much more. There are many vehicles like vans, 4WDs that lug around things like boats, camper vans and what not so they would need to add all that weight too. If you are having any confusion about GVM of your car then you can go to and check it out.

As we said above, you should not put additional weight in the vehicle because in many countries, it is prohibited by the law and even if other countries it is not, that does not mean that you can because it is dangerous. There is a way that you can upgrade your GVM and that is by upgrading your suspension system and opting for a stronger one.