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Roomba 880: What’s New

Ever since it’s official market launch, Roombas have become an absolute hit. You can find them in every 3rd household, which isn’t surprising given what they have to offer. These automated cleaning devices act like a little robot that does the vacuuming in your house for you, so basically it’s everyone’s dream regardless of age, gender and whatnot because no one really enjoys vacuuming, especially given how busy most of our schedules are.

You will find a number of different Roomba models, previously the Roomba 860 was considered to be the best model, now with the launching of the Roomba 880, no one is sure anymore. So, we are going to talk about the Roomba 880 and what is has to offer here. You can look up Roomba 860 vs 880 reviews online in case you want a side-to-side comparison between the two.

  • At first glance, the Roomba 880 looks exactly like the Roomba 860 since they have the exact same size, dimensions and weight. So, the only thing different about it is that it has an all-black body.
  • When compared to the 600 and 700 model, the 800 series have a better upgraded aero force cleaning system, so its suction power is upto 50% more powerful than the other series, so you know that you will get a better result since they catch hair, dust and debris better.
  • The best feature of the Roomba 880 is that it has an improved navigation system thanks to the updated sensors installed. So it can detect potential obstacles beforehand and avoid them rather than ramming into them like its predecessors.
  • Due to its bigger dustbin, the Roomba 880 for bigger houses since it will not fill up as easily. However, it will still need to be cleared up after every 2-4 uses or when the Roomba says to.