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Tanning Lotions VS. Natural Sun Tanning

It is safe to say that everyone was devastated when they heard that our beloved wolverine Hugh Jackman was diagnosed with skin cancer. While he is now under remission and thankfully recovering, it really does put to light the dangers of exposing ourselves to Ultra Violet rays. So, more and more people now resort to artificial tanning to achieve their desired level of tanned or bronzed look. If you are also looking to get a sun kissed glow but are not sure between artificial tanning products like tanning lotions and getting a natural tan from the sun, then you can keep on reading the comparison below.

The biggest advantage with tanning lotions is that they are convenient. You do not have to spend hours in the sun and risk sunburn and getting exposed to ultra violet rays. Excessive sunlight exposure has also been proven to accelerate the aging process as well, so by using tanning lotions, you are still getting your desired level of glow without exposing your skin to harmful ultra violet rays. Of course with outdoor tanning lotions you have to expose yourself to sunlight for a while but if you opt for the best outdoor tanning lotions, you won’t have to worry as much about UV exposure.

Natural tanning requires you to spend more time outside under ultra violet rays and damages your skin by making it dull and increasing the aging process. Natural tans are technically free of cost and give you an excuse to be outside but at the same time, it is recommended to apply lots of sunscreen and have SPF protection and not to spend too much time under direct sun exposure. Plus it can take hours to achieve your desired tan and the risk of a sunburn will be there.